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Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes and Insulated Drink Bottles for Kids

Be waste free with our leak proof stainless steel bento style lunch box.

Kid friendly drink bottles insulated for hot or cold drinks, making them the perfect choice for sending smoothies, milk or water to school. Reusable and waste free.

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What Influences How We Feed Our Family? Part 1

Each of us as parents only has the capacity to take on so much each day. Our capacity to manage every aspect of our lives is determined by so many things, for example your mental health, financial status, working hours, social and emotional supports, number of children you’re caring for etc etc. On top of this, each of us will prioritise things that are important to us and each of us bring a “learned experience of food and eating” from our own childhoods.

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Treats in the Lunch Box? My Perspective as a Paediatric Dietitian and Mum of Four

My kids are probably just like yours in that I suffer from pester power  A LOT. The item that is currently requested ad nauseam is potato crisps.

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What is “Nude” Food ? My Top Tips for Waste Free Lunch Boxes

If you’ve got a child at either kindy or school in Australia, then I’m pretty sure that at some point you would have received a flyer requesting for more nude food to go to school, or promoting a nude food day/week or challenge. It’s a concept that’s taken off and with good reason. 

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