Insulated Smoothie and Milk Bottles for school

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Boost your lunch box nutrition with our beautifully designed child friendly, insulated bottles. The perfect choice for sending smoothies, milk or water to school. Reusable and waste free.

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Becoming a Lunch Box Packing Ninja

Tips to stream line your lunch box packing.

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The child who always comes home with a full lunch box…

I think every parent is probably familiar with this situation. When you’ve put all that effort into packing a lunch only to see the whole thing come home again can be fairly disheartening. 

Having the occasional lunch box come home isn’t really a big deal, but if it’s happening every day it’s probably causing you to worry. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios as to why this might be occurring …..

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So you have a fussy eater.......

Key concerns I’ve heard from parents of fussy eaters usually revolve around their child not getting enough variety and struggling to introduce new foods into their diet. 

With that in mind here are my top tips for packing a lunch box for a fussy eater

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