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About Us

Hi, I’m Julia and I’m the founder of Nudie Rudie Lunch Box.

I’ve been a paediatric dietitian for 17 years and I’m also Mum to four kids. I guess you could say I love everything to do with feeding kids.

In my day job as a dietitian I have specialised in working with children who finding eating challenging for a variety of reasons. One of the foods I’ve found myself recommending time and time again is a smoothie. Why? Because most kids like them, and they are a great way to help boost the nutrient content of your child’s diet, especially fibre.

As my own children started school I wanted to be able to send smoothies and milk drinks to school with them. Most of the insulated bottles I found were huge (No child needs a 600mL+ smoothie or milk drink) or had parts that would pop open and leak. The solution was to make them myself.

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box bottles feature classic minimalist prints that I know you’ll just love - you may even want to steal one for yourself! They are small, 350mL, the perfect size for a smoothie and for little hands. Better yet, if you’re like me and need to fit 4 drink bottles into your handbag, you can, and still have room for other essentials.

We’re also helping to send more “nude” food to school. No more milk or juice poppers. Waste free and reusable!

Over time I’m looking to bring you more products, to help make feeding your child a healthy diet easy and achievable - not to mention stylish! And if it’s ideas on what to feed your kids, or tips on nutrition that you’re after, then you’re in the right spot. I put all of my nutrition knowledge plus my love of cooking, into the recipes I create for Nudie Rudie Lunch Box. Head to our blog to take a peek.