Founder. Mum. Dietitian.

Hi, I’m Julia and I’m the founder of Nudie Rudie Lunch Box. I also happen to be a paediatric dietitian and Mum to four kids of my own. I guess you could say I love everything to do with feeding kids.

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box was founded out of my desire to help more parents with the relentless task that is lunch box packing.

Where it began ...

My lunch box journey began when my eldest (now 13yrs) started nursery school. Naturally I wanted to send him with a healthy lunch box that was also delicious. As we added more kids to our family and our daily life became busier, lunch boxes that were quick and easy to prepare, also became a priority. Then came the practical side of things - how to send all this food I was preparing each day without having a million containers to wash at the end of the day or using environmentally wasteful glad wrap?  I knew from my work as paediatric dietitian that we also "eat with our eyes" so making my lunch boxes that looked appealing was a priority too.

In late 2019 (oh the good old years before covid hit!) an idea started to formulate in my mind. What if I could create a lunch box focussed business that not only provided high quality beautiful products, but supported its customers with quality nutrition information for kids and plenty of healthy recipe and lunch box ideas?

Go for launch ...

In 2020 we launched with just an Instagram account providing tips and ideas for healthy delicious lunch boxes. In the back ground I was working away on our first products and designs.

Thanks to the numerous delays we have all become accustomed to, thanks Covid, we didn't have our first product ready to launch until early 2021, which were our insulated drink bottles (or smoothie bottles as we like to refer to them as they are great for sending smoothies, milk drinks or just water to school and will keep them icy cold all day). 

Of course we followed this up later that year with our immensely popular leak proof stainless steel lunch box which has been a sell out since it launched.

What's with the name?

And if you're wondering about the name, part of our mission is to help more parents send "nude food" to school. We all know we need to be more environmentally conscious and more and more schools are now requesting waste free or "nude" lunches. We keep this at the forefront of our mind when we design new products. 

Eco-friendly quality products inspired by good nutrition is our mission. I'm glad you found us and be sure to drop me a line or come and say hi over on instagram if there's something I can help you with.