Does the Lunch Box fit a Full Sized Sandwich?

The dimensions of the largest section of our 5 compartment lunch box are approx. 10 cm x 10cm. It will fit a sandwich made from a "traditional" sized loaf of bread - eg the type you might buy in house from the Coles or Woolworths bakery. It does not fit larger sized loaves of bread like Helgas or Wonder White without cutting off the crusts.

The dimensions of the largest compartment in our 2 compartment lunch box is much bigger at 11.8cm square and will fit most loaves of bread.

Will the Silicone Stain?

Silicone is prone to staining with watery and dark coloured foods, for example watermelon or tomato juice. Our white silicone lid will be more prone to this more than the other colours, however they are all susceptible. Soaking in hot soapy might help to remove the stains. We will not replace stained silicone as this is considered part of the normal wear and tear of the product.

How should I store My Products?

Before putting away make sure your lunch box is completely dry. We recommend storing your lunch box with the seal out. This is to avoid a build up of any food smells.

Our drink bottles should be stored with the lid off and be completely dry to avoid any mould from forming.

Our ranges of lunch bags collapse/fold flat for easy storage. 

General Care Considerations

We've worked hard to create tough, hard wearing products but all products are susceptible to wear and tear. Scratches or dents may occur with use of our stainless steel lunch boxes.

We use the thickest available neoprene (4mm) for lunch bag manufacturing. Whilst we think we've made a great hard wearing wash and wear product, it's not indestructible. Neoprene will tear or rip if caught or pierced with sharp objects or rough surfaces. We will not issues refunds for torn products. 

Are Your Products Dishwasher Safe?

Our lunch box is completely dishwasher safe. All components (silicone and stainless steel) can be washed this way. They are also suitable for hand washing.

Our drink bottles are hand wash only. Their beautiful patterns will peel if subjected to the dishwasher, and it can compromise the integrity of the double vacuum seal. We will not refund products that have clearly been through the dishwasher. 

Our Neoprene range (bigger kids) lunch bags can be washed in your washing machine (follow the cleaning instructions on the tag). Our Junior range of lunch bags are a wipe down only product. If washed the thermal lining will deteriorate. 

What is the Age Suitability of your lunch box?

We think our lunch boxes are suitable for a wide range of ages from little ones all the way up to adults. Please be aware that the clasp on our lunch box is necessarily firm to keep the contents leak proof. Very young children may need assistance to do up the lunch box. Consider the suitability of this product for your child, as a small family run business, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges for a change of mind. 

How Can I Name my Lunch Box?

We recommend vinyl stickers be placed directly onto the lunch box or drink bottle. Our lunch bags have an internal tag to write your child's name on with a permanent marker or iron on label.

Is There Anywhere I can See Your Products?

Yes! we have a growing list of stockists. We are currently stocked in stores in QLD, WA and SA. We will happily put you in touch with a stockist near you.  You can contact us here.

Where do you Manufacture your Products?

Our products and packaging are designed in Australia and manufactured in China.

Are your Products Available for Wholesale?

Yes! Please contact us at hello@nudierudielunchbox.com.au with a short description of your store and we can discuss with you further.  

Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to ask us a question here.