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The Perfect Toddler Smoothie

If you're the parent of a toddler you'll already know that they have little appetites. Toddlers don't need huge smoothies laden with fruit, juices or added sweeteners. In fact the recommended number of servings of fruit for toddlers (1-2 yrs of age) is just 1/2 serve per day.

If you keep the portion size right, and avoid adding extras like honey or sweetened yoghurt, smoothies can be a great between meal option. If your toddler is already becoming fussy and rejecting previously accepted foods like vegetables, a smoothie can be a great way to add in some extra fibre and nutrients into their diet. If dairy based, then it's a great source of protein and calcium too. 


Toddler Smoothie - Makes 2 serves

1/2 cup cut up strawberries, frozen

1/2 frozen or fresh banana

2 TBS unsweetened greek yoghurt

250ml full fats cows milk

1 tsp chia seeds


Blitz and serve. 


  • Hi Sheena, Yes they can. Just remember that almond milk has significantly less protein and depending on the brand you buy possibly no calcium compared to cows milk. Both nutrients are important for toddlers and need to be got elsewhere in the diet is using alternative milks. Julia

    Julia on

  • Love the look of all your smoothies. Just wondering If the dairy in all the recipes can be replaced by almond milk?

    Sheena on

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