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50 Sandwich (or Wrap) Ideas from Basic to Brilliant

I love a good sandwich and slowly but surely I’ve been bringing my kids around to enjoy them too. After recent to school holiday visit to a local bagel shop where I found my kids branching out to try all sorts of flavours they haven’t before (ok my 6yr old had the butter bagel, but hey she’s 6 and I’m all about moving at your own pace when it comes to trying new foods), I’ve got re-energised by the humble sanga. The older kids tried exotic combinations such as sriracha chicken with chilli abdo cream cheese, iceberg lettuce and bacon - yum! This gave me all sorts of confidence and enthusiasm to try some more interesting sandwich/wrap and roll fillings for at least my eldest child this term (he’s 14).

If you follow me on instagram, I’ve been sharing some of his lunches (see my story highlights) which I’m now packing in our new two compartment lunch box. He’s at the age where a filling sandwich and perhaps a side of fruit salad and a snack makes a pretty perfect lunch option for him. It’s simple, it’s grab and go, and allows him to get onto the oval and play footy with mates. If I was taking my lunch work it’s what I’d go to as well.

Of course the dietitian and food lover in me can’t help but go all out when I get a new food idea so I’ve been trying all sorts of flavour combinations. So I present to you below 50 sandwich ideas from basic to brilliant. I’m sure there’s something on this list you haven’t thought of before. And don’t despair if your kids are firmly stuck on the old vegemite sandwich. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I’ve had my time of making nothing but vegemite sandwiches, or other plain combos such as honey, cheese or jam (in fact my 6yr old very definitely only eats these at present). 


  1. Vegemite
  2. Cheese & vegemite
  3. Cucumber and cheese
  4. Cheese
  5. Honey
  6. Jam (chia jam has an extra boost in protein and nutrition)
  7. Cucumber and cream cheese
  8. Bbq chicken
  9. Chicken, lettuce and mayo
  10. Chicken, avocado, cucumber shredded ice berg lettuce
  11. Chicken and cheese 
  12. Cheese and tomato
  13. Egg and mayo
  14. Ham and cheese
  15. Ham, seedy mustard, tomato & cheese
  16. Cream cheese and cucumber
  17. Chicken and avocado
  18. Tuna, lettuce and mayo
  19. Chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato
  20. Caesar salad  - chicken, hard boiled egg, bacon, mayo and lettuce  
  21. Avocado and cream cheese
  22. Our ultimate salad sandwich
  23. Chickpea Sandwich 
  24. Spicy lime & chipotle chicken, lettuce and carrot
  25. Tuna, tomato, cheese & baby spinach
  26. Spicy chicken & baby spinach
  27. Ham, cheese and pineapple
  28. A classic American peanut butter & jelly (jam) - use a chia jam for a boost in nutrition
  29. Spicy tuna & guacamole
  30. Peanut butter (if your school is nut free consider a nut free alternative like buddie spreads.
  31. Peanut butter & banana
  32. Cream cheese, banana (or then apple slices) and sprinkle of cinnamon
  33. Meatball sub - a great option if you’ve served spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. Save a few meatballs for the next day’s lunch
  34. Falafel sub - Add a spread of tzatziki, hummus or babaganoush and baby spinach 
  35. Grilled halloumi, babaganoush, baby spinach and roasted pumpkin (hint you can buy slices of roasted pumpkin in the deli section of most major supermarkets if you need to cut a few corners in the kitchen).
  36. Caprese - Freshly sliced mozarella or bocconcini, sliced tomato, basil leaves 
  37. Muesli wrap - Nut free store bought muesli, julienned apple sticks and honey (optional - add peanut/almond or cashew butter or Buddie nut free spread for your base)
  38. Tuna and avocado (mash your avocado with lemon to stop it going brown) (this makes a great sushi style sandwich option)
  39. Roast beef, mustard and rocket
  40. Salami, cream cheese & baby spinach
  41. Grilled haloumi, onion jam & rocket
  42. Grated carrot, hummus and grated cheese
  43. Smoked salmon, cream cheese  & dill
  44. Smashed avocado (mash with lemon juice to stop going brown and season) and sliced hard boiled egg
  45. Rainbow triple stacker sandwich - alternate veggie based dips such as beetroot hummus, guacamole and pumpkin hummus and stack them on top of each other to create a pretty rainbow effect (a slice of cheese works well with these flavours too)
  46. Blue cheese, thinly sliced pear, quince paste and rocket - one for all the gourmands out there!
  47. Chocolate spread, cream cheese and banana slices (add some flaked or slithered almonds for extra crunch and taste if your school allows nuts)
  48. Pesto, avocado, cucumber and feta cheese
  49. Smoked chicken, bacon and cream cheese
  50. Roast pumpkin (can be sourced from the deli section of your supermarket), pesto, fresh mozzarella, rocket


Sauces make’th the sandwich!

The essential ingredient (in my humble opinion) to a good sandwich is some kind of sauce. This really ties your sandwich together and takes the flavour to the next level. Keep some (or all) of these in your fridge and you’ll be sure to have some great flavour combos at your disposal

  • Cream cheese
  • Hummus
  • Aioli 
  • Egg mayo
  • Chimmichurri (mix with mayo)
  • Chipolte sauce (mix with mayo)
  • Sriracha (mix with mayo - a great one for those who like a spicy sandwich)
  • Guacamole or fresh avocado mixed with lemon juice and seasoned
  • beetroot or pumpkin dip
  • Tzatziki 
  • Mustard
  • Chilli jam
  • Onion Jam
  • Nut spreads


And finally don’t forget to season your sandwich! 

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