· By Julia Boase

The Ultimate Salad Sandwich

A loaded salad sandwich is a great way to get in your serves of veggies each day. Kids (over 9 yrs of age) and adults need around 5 serves/day (1 serve = 1/2 cup cooked veg or 1 cup of salad greens). This sandwich gives you 2-3 serves! Better yet it's super simple to prepare on a busy work/school morning.

Kids not up to sandwich like this just yet? Not to worry. Offering your sandwiches "deconstructed" (our 5 compartment lunchbox is perfect for this), puts them on the road to one day having a go at something like this. When kids are familiar with all the individual components of a sandwich like this, they are more willing to try them altogether.

For all those older kids or adults who are ready to take our on ultimate salad sandwich, pack in it our 2 compartment lunch box which fits a larger range of bread sizes and perfect for those who like a more simplified lunch option of sandwich and snack on the side. 


Ingredients     Serves 1

1/4 avocado

1 tbsp hummus

2 slices wholegrain bread (we used Helgas)

1/2 carrot, grated

1/2 beetroot, grated

1 tomato, sliced

2 lettuce pieces

1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts

1 cheese slice

Salt and pepper, to taste



1. To assemble the sandwiches, mash avocado with a fork and spread onto one slice of bread, then spread hummus onto the remaining slice.

2. Layer the carrot, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese and alfalfa on top.

Season with salt and pepper, then top with the remaining piece of bread. 


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