· By Julia Boase

Monster Milk - The Perfect Halloween Smoothie for your kids

I couldn't help but get in on the Halloween action with a smoothie to get you all inspired - green of course!

You could really jazz this smoothie up further if you're throwing a party by serving in mini milk bottles that have had the rims dipped in honey and then black and white sprinkles. Spooky!

Serve these before your kids head out trick or treating and you'll know they've got a little bit of decent nutrition in their stomachs to off set all the lollies and chocolate they're about to consume.



1 cup baby spinach

1 banana

2 meedjol dates (soak in hot water for around 10 mins before hand to soften)

1/2 tsp of vanilla paste

1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt

500ml low fat cows milk (or milk of choice)


Blitz and serve. Makes 3 mini milk bottle sized smoothies. 



  • That’s great to hear Kerri.

    Nudie Rudie Lunch Box on

  • My kids loved this smoothie and I loved that it was packed with goodness. Thanks.

    Kerri on

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