· By Julia Boase

My Favourite Green Machine Smoothie for kids

This is great smoothie for kids who aren't as keen on milk based drinks or prefer a fruitier/tropical taste. If your kids need need a bit of encouragement to try something "green" try some silly names like "Witches brew or Hulk Juice". You can also play a game by getting your kids to "turn their smoothie green". Start by blitzing up all but the green spinach. The ask your child to add one baby spinach leaf and watch as it disappears into nothing when blended. Amazing!! Slowly but surely add more baby spinach until it is green. 


Green Machine - makes 3

1 cup of diced frozen mango

1 banana

1 apple (peeled if you’re kids don’t like seeing “bits” in their smoothie)

1 cup baby spinach leaves (firmly packed)

300ml unsweetened apple juice (can omit and use all water if your kids are happy with a less sweet tasting smoothie) 

300ml water



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