· By Julia Boase

Pesto Steak Sandwich (Family Sized!)

This recipe is part of my series "Easy Summer Dinners that can Double as Lunch Box Meals".


Hot Australian Summer nights and busy work/school schedules really call for easy meals that you can preferably enjoy outdoors. This pesto steak sandwich ticks all of those boxes. I've used my nut free pesto recipe so you can absolutely send this to school the next day, that is if you have any left overs 😉



1 x large ciabatta or Turkish bread cut length ways (or possibly two depending on the size of your family and if you want to plan for left overs).

1 x quantity of my nut free pesto for school recipe

For 6 of us I used 800g of rump steak, you could also use skirt steak, and adjust quantities to suit how many people you're feeding. Drizzle a little olive oil over the steak and season well. Allow the steak to come to room temperature before cooking for the most tender juicy steak.

Mozarella - sliced, about 4-6 slices



Cook steak on pre-warmed BBQ to your liking, about 4mins each side will give you a medium done steak. Remove from BBQ and leave to rest for around 5mins before slicing. Lightly toast your ciabatta on the BBQ hot plate. Generously the ciabatta with pesto then top with sliced steak. Add your mozarella and pop onto your BBQ warming rack to melt. Add fresh rocket (arugula) and the ciabatta top and cut into portions. 

Serve with home made oven fries, salad or grilled corn.

Need an easy crowd pleaser for dessert? Try my ice cream sandwich slab.



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