· By Julia Boase

Ice Cream Sandwich Slab (with raspberries, meringue and chocolate)

I'm all about easy Summer entertaining. After all who wants to spend Summer slaving away in the kitchen? This time with our kids is precious, so lets get out and enjoy it! And a reminder that food isn't always about nutrition. There's plenty of room in life for food to also be about fun, memories, hanging with family and deliciousness!!


You'll Need

2L of Vanilla ice cream (we used Blue Ribbon Classic Vanilla)

2 cups of crushed meringue pieces (store bought is fine)

2 cups of frozen raspberry pieces

3 Cadbury flake chocolates

2 packets of Arnott's Nice biscuits



Place ice cream in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours until soft and you can mix it with a spoon (don't let it get too runny or liquidy as this will create and icy texture when you go to refreeze it). Empty contents of ice cream container into a large bowl. Stir through your meringue pieces, frozen raspberries and chocolate.

Grab a baking tray (we used a ceramic tray that is approx. 30 cm long x 23 cm wide). Grease with cooking spray and line with compostable baking paper. Use your Nice biscuits to then line the bottom of the tray (place them upside down). Tip your softened ice cream mixture over the biscuits and use a spatula to smooth the top. Then top the ice cream mixture with another layer of Nice biscuits (try and space them evenly, keeping in mind the aim is to be able to scoop out a complete sandwich when set). Freeze for 2 hours or overnight.

To serve use the outline of each biscuit to cut and scoop out a full ice cream sandwich (earlier placement of your biscuits in the tray is crucial here). Wrap each sandwich in compostable brown paper so the kids can eat it with their hands. We're big fans of reducing cleaning up and not using bowls and cutlery here 😉

This is the perfect celebration cake and a great one to share on New Year's Eve or over summer when entertaining friends. 

Makes approx. 15 - 16 ice cream sandwiches




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