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Lunch Box Ideas for Teens and Tweens with @thisisyourbody_nutrition

Let’s look at lunch as a way to share and connect - this article has kindly been contributed by Gel Pupillo, Nutritionist and Body Positive Educator of This Is Your Body.

When I was at school, I didn’t like sandwiches all that much. What I preferred to bring with me were leftovers from the night before. I am Italian and have been blessed to grow up living really close to my nonna who makes really delicious food. Whenever I would bring her arancini (rice balls), cotoletti (schnitzel), pasta, and meatballs I would have to bring two containers – one for me and one for my friends. Before this, they would all hover around me wanting to try and I would be left with little for myself. For Friends fans, I am a bit like Joey – I don’t share food, so this was the only resolution. 

It warmed my heart SO much watching my friends all sharing my nonna’s food. I would love listening to their comments and it would be the starting point for beautiful conversation. In my family, food is about connection. It is the centre point that we gather around. To this day, I continue to share food with the people I love – only now, I’m the one that makes it. 

Here are three delicious lunchbox friendly foods that are designed to be shared! I would encourage you to invite your young person into the kitchen on the weekends with you to prepare something and ask them if they would like to share what they made with their friends at school. You never know, it could lead to a wonderful reframe of seeing food as an opportunity to connect, laugh and share stories. 

These three recipes have been a big hit with the young people in my life, so I hope your family adores these recipes as much as mine do! 

Banana choc chip muffins – https://www.thisisyourbody.com.au/our-journal/choc-banana-muffins 

Honey & oat cookies – https://www.thisisyourbody.com.au/our-journal/honey-amp-oat-cookies 

Pumpkin, spinach, and feta muffins – https://www.thisisyourbody.com.au/our-journal/pumpkinspinachfetamuffins 

Now I know baking isn’t for everyone and that is totally okay!! Here are some no bake, no fuss things you can pick up for your young people over the weekend that are also designed to be shared: 

  • The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas Lightly Salted
  • Pilpel Hummus with crackers and veggie sticks
  • Cobs Organic Popcorn Sea Salt
    • Uncle Toby’s Protein Oat Balls Berry and Cashew
    • Sunbeam Australian Sultanas 6 pack

    For more snack ideas for your young person’s lunchbox, you can head over to @thisisyourbody_nutrition on Instagram! There is no shortage of recipes, joy and clumsy kitchen moments. 


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