· By Julia Boase

Easy Trail Mix

When you're short on ideas for what to pack in the lunch boxes and don't have the time to put into baked goods, this trail mix recipe will be a win!

Kids loving picking through a trail mix (yes they'll pick out their favourite treats first, but with a bit of luck you'll find that they enjoy the healthy editions too). 

You can pretty much put what you want (and what you have on hand) in a trail mix but some combination of dried cereal, dried fruit, seeds (nuts if your school allows them), coconut chips and few fun editions like mini marshmellows works well. The protein, healthy fats and fibre in a trail mix not only deliver some great nutrition to your kids but will help to keep them full. Here's my go to recipe below.



1 cup cheerios (or the low sugar variety if you chose)

1 cup Uncle Toby's Squarz 

1 cup mini marshmellows

1/2 choc chips

1 cup pepitas

1 cup toasted coconut flakes (Woolworths Macro brand make a great toasted coconut flake with seasalt which is really yummy)

1 cup sultanas or cranberries

Add ingredients to an airtight jar or container and simply shake or stir. 

I like to pack this in our mini snack pot as the kids can pop it into their pocket at recess and nibble on it while they play. 


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