· By Julia Boase

The Truth about Lunch Boxes in High School

I can't say I was looking forward to my eldest starting high school. I enjoyed the protected bubble of primary school with it's nurturing environment.

I'm now a few weeks into being a first time high school Mum and what I've discovered is that it's all about independence and letting your child go. Schedules and homework aren't sent to me anymore, he's busier than ever, he's out of home more and the workload is heavy.

You know what else has changed? Lunch boxes. Gone are the days where there was a dedicated sitting and eating time. Food is all about convenience and with the sprawling metropolis of high school you don't want to take too long eating or your friends will be long gone.

I'm finding more food than ever before is coming home because there is no time to eat it. No one wants to carry a huge lunch box around the school, and even smaller containers that won't fit into a pocket are being left behind (cue the onset of packaged snacks). 

Do you know what is being consumed? His smoothie or milk drink. His smoothie bottle religiously comes back empty for the pure and simple reason that it's quick and easy to consume. He can down it at his locker or walking to and from sports practice, and throw it back in his bag. Life saver!!! 

Whilst I'm still trying to figure out the finer details of packing a lunch for a high schooler, it's clear that our smoothies are here to stay. 


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  • Great post. Does anything else work with packing food for school? I’m a school teacher, and I’m trying to come up with ideas for middle and high schoolers to pack healthy food options from home (like the smoothie)

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