· By Julia Boase

30 Ideas for the Smallest Section of our Lunch Box

Coming up with endless lunch box ideas is hard work isn't it? I know those really small sections of any lunch box can really have people scratching their head as to what to pack. Never fear, I have plenty of ideas for you. These also work well in our mini snack pot. Keep in mind that all sections of our lunch box are sealed tight by the silicone seal on the lid, which means thick liquids are okay too.

Happy Packing!

- Blueberries, raspberries or blackberries
- Tinned or roasted chickpeas or fava beans
- Chocolate coated chickpeas
- The Mood Food Company's Natural Well Being Bars
- Dried cereal like Weet-Bix Bites, Cheerios or Fruit Bites (these are a great source of fibre and are fortified with nutrients like iron which can be beneficial for many kids)
- Trail Mix - use the dried cereal above as your base and add in mini marshmallows, pepitas, cranberries, sultanas, toasted coconut flakes and choc chips
- Soy crisps
- Dried fruit like apricots, apple rings, sultanas, banana chips
- Yoghurt buttons
- Dip or cream cheese
- Cheese cubes
- Nuts if your school permits them (likely only high schools in Australia)
- Chocolate bliss balls or Choc-Orange lunch box truffles
- A little treat - my kids love a couple of squares of Cadbury Old Gold Chocolate
- Bel Vita Mini Breakfast Biscuits
- Baby Bel Cheese
- Granola Clusters (great for dipping or adding to your yoghurt)
- Mini Pretzels
- A couple of squares of apricot delight
- Grapes - cut length ways if your child is under 4yrs to avoid choking

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box


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